Monday, February 21, 2011

The problem in getting back .....

Hey everyone ,I have read the comments and I will soon tell you about your requests ...Now I am in problem with my new plan for setting a new idea .. do not leave me ...I will back soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

About simple house hold science

The human race that we are in the present condition ,It was not buildup overnight .There were great sacrifices and thoughts behind this .First the fire making technique was invented then they learn to how to use this fire which is a great gift to the human kind from the almighty .

Now I about give some information about house hold simple science .Do we know about how to determine acid and base ? we can detect the acid and base by using simple chemicals that can be found easily in house hold .
we have collect some colored flower petals and mash them and make some strips of paper that is masked with this mash petals . Then we have to use this paper strips as the indicator of the acid and the base ,when the paper turn into red then it is red and for green it is base.

Do we know how to make rock candy in house ?.
First we have to collect the following things to do this job. sugar,water ,a normal thread etc.
Then we have to pure the sugar into the water till the solution become enough dense that the sugar can not dissolved in the solution anymore  .Then hang the string in the solution with a suitable help and start to boil the water. gradually the rock candy will be build in the string ..

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Frist post

 I am an engineering student . I loved to discuss on science topics . In this blog you can get latest news about science , invention and technology. Here I will show my experiments and My ideas about various science topics .

I am from Bangladesh. So need any help about Bangladesh universities result  and location  I can help you.